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Arlington, Virginia Child Abuse & Neglect Attorneys Protecting Your Children

There are few experiences as heartbreaking as learning that your child is being abused or neglected by another adult. Tragically, many children are exploited sexually or physically by adults. Often the perpetrators of this abuse or neglect are well known to their victims and may include trusted friends, role models or even family members.  When a child is a victim of sexual or physical abuse or neglect, it can result in devastating long-term physical and emotional consequences. Substantial counseling and therapy may be needed to deal with the deep emotional scars that can accompany the abuse of a child.

Robin L. Robb has a deep commitment to seeking protection and justice for exploited children.  The firm is committed to the principle that perpetrators of abuse and neglect should be punished and that victims should receive the substantial compensation they may need to deal with the deep psychic wounds and physical trauma that is often a product of sexual or physical abuse or neglect.  It is all the more traumatic for many abuse and neglect victims when their victimization is at the hands of those they trust implicitly and believe offer a safe haven.

Zealously representing abused and neglected children
Robin L. Robb has handled many child abuse and neglect cases throughout Northern Virginia by removing the child from an abusive or neglectful situation, preventing future abuse, and obtaining the maximum financial compensation so that the child can get the best possible counseling and psychological treatment to deal with the emotional harm inflicted by a child abuser.

It may be easy to believe that child abuse is something that happens to other people’s children and that it is a reasonably rare event.  In actuality, there are over three million reports of child abuse and neglect, involving more than six million children, every year.  A report of child abuse is made every ten seconds, and more than five children die per day from child abuse or neglect throughout the United States.  It is even more tragic that the majority of children who suffer the worst abuse are the most vulnerable, as almost 80 percent of child abuse victims are under the age of four.

Robin L. Robb represents child abuse and neglect victims, including children exposed to the following types of abuse:

  • Sexual or physical abuse and/or neglect committed by babysitters or other caretakers
  • Abuse or neglect committed by family members or friends of the family
  • Crimes against children who are not properly supervised by organizations like daycare or youth facilities

Contact a trustworthy and experienced abuse and neglect lawyer
Committed and caring abuse and neglect attorney Robin L. Robb understands that the psychological damage perpetrated by those who abuse and neglect others can be substantial and long-term. She represents victims of abuse and neglect with the empathy and compassion necessary to protect clients from being victimized again during litigation of their abuse or neglect claim.

The firm is known for thorough investigation of the facts, innovative litigation strategies, effective negotiation, compelling pleadings and moving papers, and tenacious advocacy. Ms. Robb is also able to work out a settlement through alternative dispute resolution in arbitration, negotiation or mediation to protect the victim from the litigation process. Call Robin L. Robb at 703-243-2922 or contact the firm online.